Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Getting my stride back.

I've been in a "funk" on and off since my surgery.  Don't get me wrong, I'm super glad I got the surgery, but it's not been w/o it's struggles.  And it's brought up some discontentment with being single.  It would have been nice to have someone to go through it with me.  I wasn't around people as much and sometimes sort of on purpose.

I allowed my discontent to detract from my relationship with God.  I have SO many things to be grateful for.  I've been blessed with a wide circle of friends, an awesome job, and a good roommate situation.  And yet, I allowed the one thing I wanted and didn't have to steal my joy.

My current frustration is that I'm not walking well.  I still have to use a cane which causes many challenges with my job.  There's been so much shrinking in the limb that it hurts to walk on it.  I am working with my prosthetist, but it's a definite challenge.

Life group has really been speaking to me lately, talking about perspective, faith, answered prayer, etc.  I remembered how many prayers God HAS answered and where He's brought me.  If he answered those, He will answer other things I'm believing Him for.  He wants good things for me.  I've decided to make a concerted effort to be thankful for where I am and the things and people God has given me for right now.  For this season of my life.  I am blessed immeasurably.  Does that mean I don't have my moments? NO. I still have them.  But overall, perspective has really helped.

I'm praying that I get my stride back in all areas of my life!!!!!!!  It WILL happen!!!!


  1. Thanks for the reminder Lauri. I'm sitting here crying at once again saying good-bye and being left alone. I've been in those Life Group meetings with you and this is just the reminder I needed. Grateful to have friends who can relate!

  2. I just now saw this. I'm glad to have friends like you who can relate. :)