Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Spring Break Randomness....

WARNING: This blog contains very random thoughts -- this may be offensive to some people. Enter at your own risk.

I'm bored with my hair. I want something different. I've enjoyed growing it out, but miss my short hair's flirty and fun. But I don't want to cut it off. Just want a funn-er version of what I got!

Spring Break is such a nice respite from the daily grind of going to school AND work. I did not go anywhere this spring break as I just wanted to stay home, get some things done, hang out with some friends, and R-E-L-A-X!! I think I've accomplished that!!

What I've done so far on Spring Break:

-- Saturday night: I went out with some girls from work.

--Sunday went to lunch with a friend, went grocery shopping with her and then relaxed.

--Monday I got to participate in Old Dominion University's physical therapy class's practicals. They needed amputees to evaluate. It was a neat-o experience and I made a new friend who's a below knee amputee. Spent the day shopping which I rarely get to do. I was excited to find a fun piece to put in my living room when I re-decorate it.

--Tuesday I had my first internship interview where I got offered a position but not sure I want to take it. It's my back-up plan. My physical therapist took me to meet another girl in the area who is an above knee amputee. She was so fun. I'm so excited about hanging out with my new friends. Met with girls from class to work on a project @ PANERA, got a massage, and finished the day by watching Avatar in 3D in my jammies with a blanket -- and YES I was in the theater. It was superb!!!!!

-- Wednesday!! Today is my favorite day of all because I am going nowhere! Stayed in bed until noon. Drinking coffee and curled up on my chair with nothing to do on this rainy day but relax and watch movies. Tonight going to hang out with my friend. We are going to gossip about boys (ahem!), eat pancakes, and knit. I can't wait!!!!!!

Then it's back to work for the rest of the week. Going to see "Vagina Monologues" this weekend!

I want to re-decorate my living room. Got to get my couch moved into this room 1st -- that should be fun.

I miss my family. I feel like I don't talk to them very much anymore. We are all busy I know. And the older get I dislike talking on the phone more. I am turning into my mother.

If you're still reading....have a fabulous rainy Wednesday. I'm going to go watch a movie BECAUSE I CAN!!! Told ya this was random. But these are [some of] my thoughts!!

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  1. I love you beautiful precious girl! I love reading your thoughts and can't wait to get back home to you!