Friday, March 19, 2010

An unexpected day off leads to.....

  1. Sleeping In cuz let's be real...I needed it!! It was so nice to sleep in TWO days in a row. Working grad students don't get to sleep in a whole lot so I enjoyed it.
  2. A walk out side on a GORGEOUS spring day...followed by an attempt to lift weights in front of the TV...pah hah. But it felt good to make an attempt so yeah...
  3. Extra coffee and Jesus time....cause that's a good start to the day.
  4. And some much needed time to work on my Community program thing-a-ma-jig!! Let's face it...I've been procrastinating.

This week was tough. Friends who are very dear to me were going through a tough time and I couldn't be there. Part of me feels like a bad friend for putting school obligations first, but I didn't feel like I had a choice. It was hard. So hence the unexpected two days off of work because my boss so graciously cleared my schedule at work and I decided to use them for some self-care and I'm SO GLAD I did.

A cute story about my neice from my mom. So, I call her my love muffin and she's 3 so I didn't think she noticed. But her mom said you're my love muffin and she said emphatically you can't call me love muffin, I'm aunt Lauri's love muffin. It melted my heart.

T-R-U-S-T --- it's such a short word but it has such big meanings. It takes awhile for someone to earn your trust. It can be shattered in an instant. It will take even longer if ever for it to be earned again. I'm trying to trust God with my life, love, my needs, my heart! It's not easy.

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