Thursday, January 27, 2011

January Shmanuary!!

January is a month were many people experience the bluuuuues. The holidays are overrrr. Things return to "normal" again. It's still winter [at least for many of us]! Many people long for spring. Some experience S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder). At the psychiatric hospital where I intern, we definitely experience an influx of patients as many people deal with an increase in depression.

And I heard that last Monday, January 17th is literally the "saddest day of the year". As I mentioned the holidays are over, it's winter, and people's holiday bills are starting to roll in. Plus it's a Monday. The sheer fact that it is a Monday is enough to put some of us over the edge some days.

How bout you? Is January a rough month for you? Do you long for the warm breezes and sunshine of spring? Are you waiting with bated breath for new growth and flowers again.... Wherever you find yourself, January is almost over and then comes February with Valentines Day (ugh) and the Superbowl (yay for wings, men in tight pants, and commericals)!!

There are a few people I love who celebrate special days in January!! I celebrate with you!

My best friend Amy and her husband Eric celebrated their
first anniversary:

My brother and his wife celebrate their 6th (I think) anniversary:

And my LOVE MUFFIN turned 4 -- I can hardly believe it myself:

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