Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Another semester comes to a close!

And I can say I will not miss this semester one bit. It was tough. It was challenging. It was so much work. So much busy work. And projects that required working with other classmates. Watching different personalities come together to get a job done! Causing friction sometimes. Bringing emotions to the fringe. But I can honestly say it brought growth as well. And we got the job done!

And Jesus has done a work in my heart. I love it. I love that He's so patient with me. Love it. I love how He brings friends and situations in our lives that challenge us and ultimately bring us closer to Himself.

In addition to being excited about the end of a semester, I'm so so excited to go home. My family has grown so much over the last 2 years. I almost can't believe it. Things I'm excited about doing when I get home:
  1. Squishing my nieces and nephew
  2. Seeing my love muffin
  3. Maybe seeing a friend from HS
  4. Hanging with my girl Emsie
  5. Eating mom's amazing food
  6. Manis and Pedis with the ladies
  7. Hanging out with some friends I didn't get to see in awhile
  8. Visiting my church
  9. Just being lazy for a week
  10. Driving 7 hours! Yes I like driving!
But before these things can happen I've got to conquer one last exam, get through 3 days of work, and enjoy part of a weekend here.

I'M EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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