Sunday, May 16, 2010

And back in Summer School

My week off between semesties and with my family F-L-E-W by as I knew it would. It seemed there was one party after another. Sister's graduation followed by an evening of partying with the family. Our partying consists of eating out and enjoying an evening of go-carts and arcades at Frankie's Fun Park. My lovely niece celebrated her 6th birthday while I was there. Sunday was mom's day where all the non-moms planned, cooked, and served lunch to all the moms. I told my sister I'm glad moms only get one day off because it was alot of work. Obviously I am not a mom. But it was fun. And just when I thought I was "caked" out there was one last cake to celebrate my sister-in-laws birthday. It was a fun week of sleeping in, squishing my nieces and nephew, seeing friends, and relishing in my crazy beautiful family. I even managed to scorch my skin complete w/ 2nd degree burns. Yes, it's 32 years of age I still somehow think I won't need sunscreen. I dunno...! But it was excruciatingly painful and I'm left looking like I have leprosy now. Ha.

I came to the realization (as I have at previous visits) that my home is not there anymore. I missed my friends and life here and was so happy to come back. Even to the madness of school. Because it's MY madness. MY house. MY life. And I love it.

And since I've been back here I have hit the ground r-u-n-n-i-n-g! I arrived at 3:15 am and had class @ 1:00. Definitely felt unprepared for a 7 hr stint in class. Going to sleep @ 4am when not used to it, makes one feel strange for a few days. So far, I enjoy my summer classes.

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  1. I love you! I am so glad that I'm part of your life!