Monday, May 24, 2010

This week


I really have NOT wanted this week to start. It looks long and foreboding somehow. Probably because I don't feel good. Then I've got so much reading for one class and a paper due in the other one and I said I would work tomorrow all day on my day off where I usually would get things done.

But then I read in my devotions that I'm supposed to stay positive. I'm tryin' God I really am, but right now I just feel blah. I like being in school, I just don't like when it takes over my life. :-) It's just hard getting everything done.

Things to look forward to: (because this always brings a smile)
  1. Sleeping in Thursday
  2. Maybe going to Ocean City, MD on Saturday
  3. Strawberry Festival Sunday
  4. Memorial Day fun with friends
Ok, now I can conquer my week. Thank you Jesus for your love & encouragement.

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