Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekends are for....

schoolwork? check.
working? check.
sleeping in? check.
watching movies? check.
lunch with friends? check
shopping and froyo with friends? check

so yeaahhhh. i def managed to get all those things into my weekend. unfortunately, disproportionately more on the work and writing paper side. and of course, i include friday in my weekend. because i don't have school or work on that day. :)

panera with a counselor buddy lifted my spirits. and shopping and froyo with a side of many giggles made my friday night super fun. my fave moment was probs me finding a shirt i liked. i showed it to my friend and said i like this shirt. and she said are you an apache warrior? hahahahaha. and then we giggled for like 10 minutes. it probably wasn't as funny as we thought it was. but we both had stressful weeks it was funnier to us. maybe?

i had a rough week at internship, which threatened to de-rail me as a budding therapist. so what do i do? talk to people who can build me up, pray for me..... and i have ordered some books which will hopefully help me...... and although i'm feeling somewhat better about my skill as a therapist (well, a budding one) i am anxious about going in to internship tomorrow. it's a scary place for me sometimes. but i refuse to let a bad week get me too down. i will get back up and try again. so here's to trying again....


  1. Yes, here's to trying again! Have grace with yourself friend. We're all learning. Love you!!

  2. Thanks Sarah!! I appreciate you listening and giving me advice. =)

  3. Froyo with a side of giggles... the only way to have it. :0)
    Here's to trying again for sure Lauri! That's the way it's done. So proud of you girl! Much love!