Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm letting go....

of the life I planned for me.

It's kinda hard to admit, but I had all these great plans for my life. ya know? The things I wanted. Who I would date. How that would happen. When I would marry. Where I would live. The kind of job I would have.

But that's not exactly how things went down. Not that they ever really have in my life. My life seems to be anything but conventional. I don't seem to do things on any type of normal time-table. I mean here I am finishing grad school in my mid-thirties and getting ready to start a career.

When I moved to Va Beach almost 3 years ago (wow) that's sort of what I was doing....letting go of my plans....letting go....terrified of what would happen next. And I've really been thinking lately of all the things I let go of to move here that I thought were important to me. And I can honestly say that God's given me so much more than I ever expected. Friendships, confidence, growth, a circle of friends, exposure to so many different experiences, and so much more!

The more I grow in my faith the more plans of my own I realize I need to give over to God. I fought with may of them for so long, but when I finally give them to God, He always gives me something way better than what I thought I wanted/needed. It's getting sort of fun actually. It's still not always easy...letting go...it doesn't come easy for sure. But I am loving the outcome of seeing what God gives me instead. I'm starting to embrace my unconventional life. :)

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