Thursday, March 24, 2011

Little Gems of my week

For those of you who know me well, you know I've been under intense pressure these past few weeks. And I've been struggling with some things emotionally as well. I've also been super busy and not had much time for myself, relaxation, or fun.

But there are a few gems from my week I wanted to share.

First of all, I decided to go to Winter Jam which is a Christian concert and even though I almost didn't go just because I was torn between going and having quiet relaxation at home. Well, I was so blessed and touched by the music. And experienced the sweetest moment. I was crying and my friend was hugging me and I felt another pair of arms around me and I looked down and this like 10 year old girl had wrapped her arms around me. It was the sweetest moment. I left feeling so ministered to.

Last night I hosted my Life Group at my house and it was just such a blessing to connect with friends, people I care about and who add meaning to my life. And I have felt so much support from so many friends encouraging me and just "being there for me" which means the most to me right now.

Today I saw a quote on someone's facebook that really spoke to me: "Where God leads, He always provides". I struggle with worries about finishing grad school and being successful in my field. So this was such a timely reminder of how God has been faithful in the past and He WILL be in the future.

A friend took me to lunch today and just listened to my internship frustrations and fears about graduating. It was really nice to hear validation of my fears but also encouragement of what God has put in me. And plus he finished the same program I'm in and already has his own private practice.

I know this is a season and I have faith things will get better soon.


  1. I love you friend. I'm right in the same place. I read a quote recently that said, "God won't lead a thirsty soul to a dry well." It's true. He promises to fill us up when we are run down. Date next week together, please. xoxo

  2. YES PLEASE on the date thing. I've been meaning to text you about that. :)