Sunday, March 6, 2011

Reflections on Spring Break

Spring Break was AWESOMENESS!!!!

And it had better would have been since it's my LAST one! *tear*

I did sleep in almost every day. I did stay in my PJ's till AT LEAST noon almost every day!

I spontaneously decided to make a quick trip to DC to see
my friend Meredith for a brief day and a half. We celebrated her belated 30th birthday, got manis, went to a movie, and spent 3 hours at Red Lobster eating and catching up on girl talk!

One day I spent a couple of hours outside on the patio of Starbucks drinking coffee and reading books. :)

I painted pottery with my friend Ann and my cousin Kira one day. That was fun and relaxing!!

So it was a nice and relaxing week, kind of productive, and I got to spend time with friends and people I care about.

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