Monday, April 11, 2011

1 less thing

So I've def felt super stressed and overwhelmed over the past week or so. Between finishing my semester, post-grad decisions, surgery, trauma trip, and of course my living situation.

The more clarity I have and things I can figure out/chip away at the better I feel. Obviously. Well last night I met with the homeowner (well her daughter) and we discussed my upcoming surgery/recover etc and she felt like it would take awhile to get the house ready to even rent out but she would know more after speaking to the property manager.

So tonight when I got home from internship/class there was the sweetest note on my table basically thanking me and expressing their appreciation for my staying here and "taking care" of the house for them. =) And then they went on to say that they would work around my recovery period and that they didn't think the house would be ready for rental till August. I may not be fully recovered and walking in a new prosthesis, however I will be recovered and can move or figure something else out at that time. The sweetest thing they wrote was that "the most important thing is that I recover in her mom's house". It was so sincere and heartfelt. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to stay here in the house I've grown to really love and recover.

I was listening to Sanctus Real a few minutes ago and these lyrics really stood out to me:

And I wonder why
Sometimes the truth ain’t easy to find
I wanna know all the answers
But I’m learning that
These things take time
Yeah, these things take time

I know I was super frustrated a few days ago with everything that was so uncertain in my life, just wanting one part of it to be stable and feeling like the rug was being torn out from under me literally. I do want to know all of the answers RIGHT NOW and sometimes I can't. I still don't know the answers to SO many areas of my life and I'm trying to trust God and trust the process. He's really teaching me some cool things along the way. I'm excited to see what else He's got. As several of my friends have reminded me, "girl, He's got this".


  1. It's so true, and wow, that's such a blessing that you can stay there through August. BIG YAY!!

  2. Awwww... so sweet. Love seeing God bless you with this home situation during the most difficult part of your recovery. He will continue to provide. He is a lamp unto your feet. Which means we can only see the immediate step but He will be faithful. He's definitely got this. ;) Love you Lauri!

  3. Thanks for the encouragement. It's so cool to watch God work when I just trust Him which is super hard sometimes. :)