Tuesday, April 5, 2011

So. Much.

I can't believe I graduate in 32 days. It feels surreal. I'm ecstatic! I am so ready to be finished at internship. I have 10 days left. YIKES!! :)

It's weird to think about not knowing how my life is going to look after May 7th.

I've talked to alot of people about the surgery. I found out I do have insurance until August 14th. I would still have to pay quite a bit out of pocket but I think it's worth it.

But then the trauma trip? It was brought to my attention by Dr. and Lady Keyes (who help head up the Trauma Team) that I could possibly still go on the trip. But then I'd have to raise $1500 on top of surgery finances. And then I don't like the thought of someone always having to carry my stuff around for me. I would LOVE to go but don't know if it's feasible. But then I have to decide by this weekend because they are purchasing tickets Monday. THE P-R-E-S-S-U-R-E!!!!!

The amount of support I have felt thus far has been mind blowing though. Friends that took time to speak into my life, people offering to help me after the surgery, my parents giving me their support and offering to help me anyway I can.

Then to add to my stress, I got a phone call from the homeowners of the house I live in who left a message stating they would like to speak to me about when I would be moving out of the house. I knew it was coming to a close, but was hoping to at least get through the surgery and into a job before that would happen.

I know God is with me, guiding my every step. My friend encouraged me that "God is in this" and indeed He has been in each and every step I have ever taken. And He's always provided for me. He is my provider. Past! Present! Future! I am trying to rest in that, but I admit to feeling anxious mostly about not knowing what is coming up! I may not know my future, but I know who holds it.

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