Thursday, April 7, 2011

One Month From 2day =)

I will walk across that stage and GRADUATE with my Master's Degree. Wooo Hooo!!!!!!!

and like I said just 3 more weeks of internship.

some random fun facts from my day: my amputee friend told me that my wearing boots inspired her to get some. she said if lauri can wear them, i can wear them. i thought it was cute. and it made my day. i'm glad my fashion sense (if i dare call it that) can inspire someone else. and she inspires me in so many ways. so we co-inspire each other?

it was and is cute to see who texts me because i'm not on fb or who i text because i'm not on fb. i still think in facebook stati. like alot. so there will prob be alot of random blog postings but that's ok.

and for this last one, if you're a boy close your ears, i mean eyes. so you know you're PMSing when you go to the store and 5 out of 6 purchases involve chocolate. boys, i warned you!!

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