Friday, April 8, 2011

Feels so good!

It feels like I can finally see light at the end of the tunnel.

My workload is dramatically decreasing.

I have ONE small paper to write, ONE final exam, and ONE national exam aka the NCE (National Counselor's Exam) which I take next week.

It feels good. And it's amazing how much easier it is to focus when I can kind of focus on one thing at a time.

And I'm making headway on some of my stressors/decisions about what to do after graduation.

Saying no to the trauma trip was one. And I've pretty much decided yes to the surgery minus the last minute details. I will hopefully be able to speak to the homeowners this weekend and at least know what my options are.

I've also spoken to someone about volunteering at R.E.S.P.O.N.S.E which works with sexual assault victims. It is program at the YWCA and I did my practicum at their sister program so I already have done some of the volunteer training and know some of the people within the organization. I can answer crisis hotline phone calls on my cell even from home while I'm recovering from the surgery which makes me happy because I can keep up on my skills and feel like I'm doing something toward my future career goals.

I'm laying on the couch all day in my PJ's studying but it feels relaxing. Looking forward to a bonfire with my friends tonight. :)

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